A base user control class implementing IView interface. User control classes may inherit from this class instead of implementing IView interface themselves. Neccessary IView members may be overriden.

Namespace:  MVCSharp.Winforms
Assembly:  MVCSharp (in MVCSharp.dll)
Version: 0.8.5217.34148


public class WinUserControlView : UserControl, IView, 
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class WinUserControlView _
	Inherits UserControl _
	Implements IView, INotifiedView
Visual C++
public ref class WinUserControlView : public UserControl, 
	IView, INotifiedView


This class also implements the INotifiedView interface (with empty methods) so in derived classes it is possible to override Activate and Initialize methods specifying response to (de)activation and initialization events.

It is recommended to use the generic version of this class - WinUserControlView<(Of <(T>)>) - with a strongly typed association to the controller and, thus, higher type safety.

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