Generic extension of the IController interface. Has strongly typed generic associations to the task and the view. Therefore no typecasting is required when accessing the associated task or view.

Istead of implementing this interface manually you might better use the generic base controller class - ControllerBase<(Of <(TTask, TView>)>)

Namespace:  MVCSharp.Core
Assembly:  MVCSharp (in MVCSharp.dll)
Version: 0.8.5217.34148


public interface IController<TTask, TView> : IController where TTask : ITask
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Interface IController(Of TTask As ITask, TView) _
	Implements IController
Visual C++
generic<typename TTask, typename TView>
where TTask : ITask
public interface class IController : IController

Type Parameters

Specifies the expected type of the associated task. Must be a subtype of ITask.
Specifies the expected type of the associated view.


The framework knows nothing about the generic types and deals only their non-generic versions. Generic types serve only for user convenience: to provide type-safety and reduce the amount of typecasts.

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